How to spend a nice afternoon shopping in Gueliz

It is in the center of Marrakesh that you can find the area of Gueliz, the most trendy and bohemian neighborhood in town. Its main avenue, Mohammed V, connects the city center with the mosk of Koutoubia. On this avenue you will find the majority of the high-end shops, the most stylish restaurants and also the most sought-for cafés in Marrakech. So, if you have some time on your hands and would like to spend a nice afternoon wandering around, discovering chic boutiques and smart restaurants for little money, Gueliz is the best choice.

33 Rue Majorelle

33 rue Majorelle, created by Monique Bresson and Yehia Abdelnour, is certainly the best concept store of Africa. Located in the same street as the Botanical Gardens and the Museum Majorelle, this shop which is half gallery and half store is inspired by the traditional Moroccan style with a modern hint.

This is a melting pot of creations for all budgets where the 38 craftsmen offer proof of their craftsmanship through clothing, accessories, jewelry and decoration objects. Each of the artists is located in one corner where they display their own view of the world.

It is one of the most beautiful shops in Marrakech.

The perfume shop Héritage Berbèr

This is for those who love perfumes, especially all the aromatic ones that one can smell throughout the year in Marrakech. The gardens full of Jasmin flowers and orange trees when they flourish in the sun involve you with their perfume as well as the oil burners in the riads and the heavy perfumes of the bergamot and the rose.

Many travelers wish to put these unique perfumes in a bottle, so as to take them home. It is a marvelous remembrance of the hotter climate that you can smell while at home it might be cold.

This parfume shop is one of the best locations to buy authentic Moroccan or Berber perfumes located in front of the Majorelle Gardens at the street Yves Saint Laurent.


Atika is one of the best shoe shops at the new part of Marrakech in Gueliz. Here, you will find leather and suede shoes for men, women and children, for a lot less money than in Europe with a great selection of colors and styles for around 40 euros.

This store is frequently packed with clients who buy shoes in stock for the next years.


Moor is a very trendy shop in the new part of Marrakech, Gueliz. Inspired by the Medina of Marrakech and its craftsmen the designer and director Yann uses traditional Moroccan embroidery to create design decoration objects and clothing in a minimalist and modern way by implementing traditional sewing techniques.

The results are great tunics, handmade cushions and other articles of excellent quality. Also, the design store and its decoration are well worth a detour. This is one of the best shopping addresses in Marrakech.