Cafes and restaurants in Gueliz

The trendy neighborhood of Gueliz can be easily reached from the center of Marrakech by foot or by taxi. This modern area of Marrakech was built in the 50s and 60s and is very popular with upper class locals and tourists. The main reason to go there is to sample excellent Moroccan and ethnic cuisine in a growing number of stylish restaurants. The modern chefs are specialized in a modern and very eclectic kitchen in sophisticated restaurants with a lounge type of ambiance and oriental decoration.

Cafe Bousafsaf at the Majorelle Gardens

The cafe Bousafsaf called after the colorful villa of Majorelle is a charming garden terrace located in the Majorelle Gardens of Marrakech. The café is open all day from 5 h 30 all year long. It is the perfect spot to rest in the shadow and to take your breakfast or meal during the day and try out typical Moroccan dishes. The products are simple and of great quality, catering to clients who look for refreshment and calm in a stylish ambiance.

Address: Inside the Majorelle Gardens, Avenue Yacoub el-Mansour - Marrakech
Phone: (+212) 5 24 31 30 47

Cafe Bousafsaf Gueliz
Le Jarancada Gueliz

Le Jarancada

Located on one of the most important boulevards of the Gueliz area in Marrakech, the Jarancada is one of the classics for fans of French cuisine since the 1950s. It offers a comfortable and friendly ambiance and quality decoration in the most traditional French way. The success story continues even more so, as Philippe, the piano player of the restaurant, plays there since 20 years. Their traditional menu and quality meals show French gastronomy at its best.

Address: 32, Boulevard Mohammed Zerktouni Gueliz – Marrakech
Phone: (+212) 5 24 44 72 15

Le Verre Canaille

Only steps away from the French School this restaurant of 30 places is one of the most original ones in Marrakech. The chef was trained by one of the greatest chefs with Michelin stars and combines the French and the Moroccan traditions to create his own crossover cuisine: veal head in gribiche sauce (mayonnaise-style cold egg sauce), veal in red wine, terrine (forcemeat loaf like a pâté) etc. The wine card suggests a variety of French wines for each meal. What else can be said? The Verre Canaille is very popular.

Address: Corner route de Targa and rue Capitaine Errigui - Marrakech
Phone: (+212) 6 50 92 97 42

Le Verre Canaille Marrakech
La Trattoria Marrakech

La Trattoria

This Italian restaurant offers one of the most stylish interiors of the area of Gueliz. Founded by one of the first Italians to arrive at Marrakech this is a magical place full of bronze sculptures and art works of all kinds. La Trattoria is one of the monuments of the Italian gastronomy in Marrakech. It is the perfect spot to spend a romantic dinner at the illuminated swimming pool surrounded by exquisite decoration.

Adresse: 179 rue Mohamed Beqal (Gueliz) - Marrakech
Phone: (+212) 524 43 26 41

Le Bistro Thaï

Located opposite the Gardens El Harti, le Thaï Bistro is a referent to Asian cuisine as well as an invitation to travel. You will enjoy refined and very well prepared dishes in an exotic ambiance decorated with noble materials. The chef offers wok style meals as well as noodles, dumplings and delicious sushi or sashimi. Le Bistro Thaï also does home delivery.

Address: 8, rue du Oued El Makhazine
Gueliz - Marrakech
Phone: (+212) 5 24 45 73 11

Le Bistro Thaï Marrakech