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Holiday rentals can be a good alternative in order to rent your house or apartment all year round. It is a profitable activity in its own right. There are a few good reasons to partner with us to rent out your properties and increase your activity as a real estate agency.

The main advantages of partnering with Marrakech Rent are the following:


Our website is a popular portal that will bring you visibility and bookings, resulting in increased profitability. We are a successful booking platform specializing in high-quality housing for short-term stays in Marrakesh. As a partner, you will have the opportunity to appear on our website for more visibility among our numerous customers.

Whether your clients own a house or an apartment, any kind of second home should be profitable to its owner. Holiday rentals are a good way of allowing your clients to earn money from a property without having to sell it. By renting out a second house or apartment, owners will be able to earn money to help maintain the place or to simply to put aside and finance other projects for you and for your family.


When renting out a second home, your clients will be able to choose when they want to rent and when they don’t. There are no obligations – the owner is the one who decides when the property is available for guests. The main advantage of Marrakesh is that there are visitors all year round thanks to the mild weather, meaning more profitability for apartment owners.

There is also the possibility of putting your principal residence up for rent if you plan on going away for the holidays. It may be very cost-effective if you live between two residences, for example.


Working with holiday rentals is quick and stress-free. Bookings are made through our website for more convenience and, as we only deal with short-term bookings, there are no lease agreements. The owner will be able to choose the period of availability, the duration of the rental period and the booking fees.

Are you ready to increase your bookings all year round by appearing on our website? If you are interested in becoming one of our partners and you want to know more about our agency, please contact us by email at

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City Centre Retreat is a short stay letting agency who focus of being consistently reliable in finding and delivering the ideal accommodation for holiday and business travelers. With now over 2000 properties of which 200 are in Barcelona and 100 in London, City Centre Retreat really try to offer the wide variety of options.