3 advantages to rent your apartment in Marrakech

What about renting your asset to temporary visitors? Renting your apartment, your villa or your riad is a great way to earn extra money. The list of advantages is endless and this is a new way for owners to maintain profitability without committing for too long. As hotels are more and more expensive, there is a real demand on the market for cheaper accommodations in touristic cities.

1. Your asset will become profitable

Renting your apartment or house as a touristic accommodation is usually more profitable than renting it to a long-term tenant. Indeed, prices for travelers are usually higher than prices for a local rent, meaning that your profit as an owner will be superior for the same amount of time. What’s more, renting an apartment is generally cheaper than booking a hotel, which attracts foreign and domestic travelers of all kind. Whether you rent your place to a family, a couple or a business traveler, you will be surprised of how profitable it can be for short-term bookings.

The extra money you make will entirely cover the bills, the mortgage of your asset, or it can be a perfect way for you or for your family to enjoy life at 100% thanks to this new money entry. It is also a starting point to buy another apartment and make your investment grow. Don’t let your apartment or your house go to waste!

Marrakech Rent

2. Renting to tourists: a short-term relationship

Most owners encounter problems when renting their house to a full-time tenant. Renting to short-term visitors is easier in a lot of ways: they won’t make changes in the apartment and they are not as demanding.

Furthermore, there is no need to sign a long-term contract and you won’t have to commit to a specific tenant or another. If there is a problem with one of the visitors, you will be covered by the law the same way it works with a yearly contract.

Marrakech Rent

3. More time and more flexibility

Do you need to stay at your own place on a certain period of time? Do you need to do some reforms on your apartment? If so, you will be glad to be renting your apartment to tourists, as it is not occupied 100% of the time.

You can decide when you want to rent the apartment for more freedom and flexibility. If you need to fix something in the apartment, you can use the days it is not booked to use it as you please.

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