Excursions Marrakech

After visiting the wonderful city of Marrakech, if you have enough time and the curiosity to go further than the main city attractions, we recommend you to embark on one of the many amazing excursions that you can make from Marrakech. Here are some great ideas to enjoy the surroundings of this wonderful city.

Enjoy and relax in the city of Essaouira

There is nothing like enjoying the atmosphere of this 3000 years old city. They say it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Its well preserved medina and its amazing beaches make it one of the most visited destinations of the area. There are many reasons to visit Essaouira, one of them is to walk through its main square, contemplating the many shops where the local artists expose their handcrafted works.

In the old harbor quarter you can recognize Portuguese as well as Moroccan influences in its architecture. Do not miss out on visiting the Skala du port, an old bastion created to defend the city. Here you can still see its famous row of big canons. At the top of the Skala, you will enjoy some of the greatest views of the city with the Mogador Island on the horizon.

Discover the Moroccan art and handcrafted jewels and textiles in the Jewelers district; it will be difficult to resist the temptation of buying one of its well-renowned carpets. If you are a surf enthusiast you will be glad to know that Essaouira beaches are also a highpoint to practice this sport. There are many one day trip excursions from Marrakech to Essaouira, so it will not be difficult to find one that accommodates your preferences.

Feel like a real Berber visiting the Western High Atlas Mountains

The famous Atlas Mountains are a spectacle from nature; their extension is almost 2500 kilometers and separates the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast from the immense Sahara desert. It is a wonderful destination for hiking fans, which is actually the best way to visit its peaks and enjoy its amazing nature and vegetation.

The mountains are inhibited by the Berbers community, one of the oldest indigenous ethnicity of North Africa. To make a detour in one of the many picturesque Berber villages that take shelter in the Mountains is a wonderful way to discover an ancient culture and its exotic costumes.

The high part of the mountains are very close to Marrakech, where you can easily hire a tour guide to show you the best of it, like the famous Ourika valley, one of the impressive valleys of the High part. We also recommend you to check out the famous “Kasbah” Aït-Benhaddou, a traditional reddish mud brick city, part of the Unesco Heritatge list. It’s also worth to visit the little village of Amizmiz, known for having one of the largest Berber souks of the area.

Contemplate the stars in the dessert

Do no forget about the most impressive landscape of all, the dessert. It is almost omnipresent, with the sand, the dunes and the heat painting a pretty clear image of what Africa really is.

Some of the most photogenic Sahara dunes are easily reachable from Marrakech, start by going to the Zagora dessert, we are sure that you will not regret it. You can also enjoy the dunes of the beautiful Agafay Desert, including an overnight stay in paradisiac scenery enjoying the comfort of a candle lit typical Berber tent.

To get the real experience, do not hesitate to jump on the most typical transport of the dessert (the camel) and ride through the amazing Draa Valley and its famous palm grove, one of the last real paradises that still exist on this earth today.