Events and festivals in Marrakech

In the muslim culture, the most important celebrations and the most expected ones are: Ramadan, or the festival of the lamb, also called Eid al-Adha. These holidays are movable as they depend on the lunar calendar. If you are planning on staying in Marrakech during one of these holidays, remember that a lot of shops and restaurants will be closed or they will open on different hours. The moroccan also celebrate occidental holidays such as new year’s day and valentine’s day.

Here is a non exhaustive list of all of the events marrakech that will take place in Marrakech this year:

International Marathon of Marrakech (January)
This is the meeting place for all of the athletes and sportspersons. This marathon is one of the most exotic marrakech events and it is a good way to discover Northern Africa while challenging yourself running more than 42 kilometers. This is the healthiest way to start the year in this wonderful city.

Marrakech International Magic Festival (March)
The International Magic Festival of Marrakech is a serie of shows where all of the internationally renowned magicians and illusionists meet. You will have the opportunity to attend incredible shows in theaters and in the streets.

Awaln' Art: Street Art Festival (June)
During one week, a hundred of artists invade the public places of Marrakech to perform urban acrobatic shows, circus demonstrations, contemporary dance, sculptures, puppet shows, live music, etc. This is the perfect event to discover the local culture and to be amazed on every street corner if you are staying at marrakech holiday rentals.

Marrakech Laugh Festival (June)
Marrakech welcomes a big comedy festival organized by Jamel Debbouzze, a French comedian. More than 20 renowned comedians, actors and singers perform each year representing France, Belgium and Morocco.

Sun Festival Marrakech (July)
In order to promote diversity and international openness, Sun Festival welcomes artists from all around the world. This event celebrates music, visual and numeric arts, designers and graphists. with a subtle mix of sharing with others.

Marrakech International Film Festival (December)
Created to be the meeting point for movie lovers in Northern Africa, the Marrakech Film Festival is an important cultural event that features young talents of the film industry. This is the most prestigious event of the year and it is famous in the entire world. The festival's jury gathers important international writers, actors and personalities, and aims to reward the best Moroccan and foreign feature and short films.